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The sweet smell of ocean breezes, brilliant city lights, colorful venues, cascading hillsides and cliffs, coastline art museums, mansions, equestrian ranches, lush palm trees, gardens and inspired vendors that can turn your wedding into a fairy-tale, are just a few features of what makes a Los Angeles wedding unlike any other.

Many travel far and wide to soak up California’s rays and creative culture. Celebrate your big day, in an L.A. venue that complements your unique taste and where the weather year-round is perfectly picturesque!

Hosting your wedding in such a large celeb city comes with many perks. Where else can you hirer a celebrity caterer from the Food Network, an event coordinator from the Academy Awards and an internationally acclaimed DJ?

Almost every vendor in Los Angeles specializes in something niche. Stationers in the sunny city often love to incorporate a little uniqueness into each invitation set. The plethora of specialty printing vendors in the L.A. area allows for more competitive pricing. However, if you’re pursuing a well sought after vendor or adding some flair to your stationery be prepared to pay a pretty penny or two.

In a recent wedding report, couples are spending an average of $33,6551 on their big day in Los Angeles’s polished venues. The average wedding in the area, hosts between 167 – 187 guests1 with each guest costing between $171 - $2091.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to shop around! There are many flourishing vendors across L.A.

Your lovely fairy-tale wedding awaits in Los Angeles, California.

— Provided by Los Angeles wedding stationer Lovely Details & Stationery (website).

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