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Founded in 2013, Abby Sparks Jewelry sets the standard for the custom fine jewelry experience. Specializing in handmade, custom engagement rings, unique wedding rings, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and jewelry repurposing, Abby Sparks Jewelry strives to create jewelry that honors individuality and defines personal expression. All Abby Sparks jewelry is handmade and custom designed in Denver, Colorado using 100% recycled metals appealing to those who crave unique jewelry that’s easy on the Earth. We believe in bringing your story to life through custom jewelry that sets you apart.

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Meet a Wedding Jeweler in Denver, CO: Abby Sparks Jewelry
Meet a Wedding Jeweler in Denver, CO: Abby Sparks Jewelry

Abby Sparks Jewelry was born in 2013, after I saw lots of my friends struggle finding the the perfect engagement ring and wedding bands. They didn’t want to blindly order something on the internet, and walking into a big box retailer and pointing at a ring felt weird to them. I saw my community seeking out a more personal, meaningful jewelry buying experience. They ...