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As a client of mine you can expect: an outstanding instrument with a beautiful sound played expertly; an easy process- it should be as easy and clear as possible; a bagpiper who is 100% reliable with a perfect on time record, a pro - pressed and looking smart, and lastly a piper who is approachable and friendly.

A wedding is all about pomp, circumstance and setting the right mood both with beautiful music and well attired people. That’s how I approach a wedding. I come fully attired in Highland gear – kilt, jacket, sporran, ghillie brogues- the works. Pressed and smart in appearance. Pipes polished and gleaming. My job is to sound great, look smart and above all add to the occasion.

I have played many different parts of a wedding; I’ve led the bride and her escort up the aisle, the bride and groom out of the church, into the wedding reception. I've also played to welcome guests, I even played as a surprise for the bride once- she was so excited she almost ruined her makeup.

The wedding day is all about the bride and her wishes. This is her big day and I am there to help make those dreams a reality. I am punctual, reliable, flexible and considerate. My end goal is to please her and make sure I do my part to make her wedding day unforgettable. To that end I sometimes can audition tunes for a bride and groom to be absolutely sure they have exactly the music they like.

I love playing weddings- not all pipers do. It’s exciting for me to be part of this momentous occasion and everyone is having such a great time- the mood is infectious.

I have played outside, inside, on escarpments, cliffs, on boats, on stages and just about everywhere in between; like I said I’m flexible :) .

Please call me and together we can make this wedding a  day no one will soon forget. (562) 383-1838.

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