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Why buying an expensive wedding or party dress? It's highly possible that it won't be used more than two times the most. Now you can RENT it for the best price. Young women are getting doubtful about spending hundreds of dollars in a dress that probably will wear only once. Bridesmaids and guests can spend a lot of money as well.
The new concept is that you RENT your dress, we are an company related to bridal makeup and hairstyles. We are pioneers of the bridal industry of the Riviera Maya, México.
Renting a dress is usual in Japan and the States, but it is a new concept in México. Introduced by Be Fabulous.
The idea: rent the dress of your dreams, your bridesmaid dress, your event or cocktail dress in Riviera Maya. Be Fabulous has selected the best designs for you!
Is the buying fever still going on? Can we still afford to buy compulsively? We don't think so!

Way beyond this evident financial advantage, to rend a dress, for any occasion, is also a way to avoid hassles.

For example, you live in Europe, in Canada, in the United-States or anywhere else in the world, and you will be bridesmaid for a dear friend who's getting married in Mexico; you lose your luggagewhile transferring plane and you have no dress for the big day! If you rent your dress with us, you're assured not to have this problem.

Another example, the bride decides that the colours for the wedding will be green and white, and she asks you to wear a green dress, but you hate green!!

You can now rent your green dress; you will save a lot of money, and after you never have to see it again.

The bride also has the option of renting the dresses for all her bridesmaids. It's a good way to help bridesmaids, who maybe doesn't have the means

You are invited to a three-day wedding, three different outfits, buy or rent? A good question, when you think about the difference in price

You plan a photo shoot session on the beach or in a cenote, you want to look different and fabulous, wear beautiful dresses, why no rent them?

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