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> philosophy

Bellatrix is a boutique photography company with a unique and unconventional approach that is the fusion of documentary, fine-art, and lifestyle photography.

The Bellatrix philosophy is about providing the client with an unforgettable experience from start to finish. The ultimate goal is to not only capture the best moments and deliver beautiful images but also to make the process highly enjoyable, even for those who are not very comfortable in front of a camera.

Bellatrix Chief Photographer, Camila Mendes, finds great joy in photographing happy humans and registering memorable moments. She is mega friendly, has a ton of energy, and her shoots are always super fun so that clients can be relaxed enough to just be themselves. That’s when the magic happens.

> style

Camila's style is an interesting mixture of classic and contemporary photography. She adores grainy black & white photos that imitate film but also loves playing with modern retouching techniques, unexpected angles, and non-traditional poses. She loves editing photos and spends considerable time making sure each final image given to a client is perfect.

When shooting, she strives to capture real moments with an artistic and photojournalistic approach, resulting in images that evoke emotions of joy with an elegant touch. Aside from candid expressions, she focuses on creative composition. Her main goal is to always freeze the moment in visually-compelling ways - ways that make you want to stare at a photo for much more than just a few seconds. It’s as simple and complicated as that.

> history

Founded in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, by passionate photographer Camila Mendes, Bellatrix expanded to her homeland Brazil in 2013. Camila now generally works in Toronto from May to November, in Brazil from December to March, and travels to other locations in between. When away, there is always an associate photographer representing Bellatrix in its main base in Toronto.

> green photography

In 2013, Camila began looking for ways to lessen her company's ecological footprint. Today, Bellatrix offers a handpicked selection of high-end products made from natural resources and green materials from around the world, prints are processed in a professional eco-friendly lab using acid-free, cotton-based papers, digital files are provided in a FSC certified and carbon-neutral certified wooden USB drive instead of CDs, session proofs are provided digitally instead of in print, only rechargeable batteries are used during sessions, and all business cards and packaging are now printed in recycled card stock.

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I’ve been in love with photography for as long as I can remember. I anxiously waited for my mother to develop the film rolls we took on our trips when I was a kid. After I got my first digital point-and-shoot back in 2002, I never left my house without it. I became the annoying friend who would take photos of everything and everyone all the time!