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Beth Cyr makes Custom Wedding Rings and Jewelry with the Earth in mind. Inspired by textures and themes in nature, each piece is individually handcrafted in eco-friendly 100% recycled Harmony Metals.

Made to order and custom items are fine tuned to the client's needs to create truly unique items that can't be found in jewelry stores anywhere. Beth Cyr jewelry is for the nature lover. It's organic, subtle and unique, and maybe even little hippy or bohemian. It is most definitely not geometric or based on what's trending. Whether you've hiked the Appalachian Trail or simply like to go for a walk in a park on your lunch break, you appreciate the peace and beauty that nature offers. Beth hopes to bring you that same peace and beauty with my jewelry.

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Meet a Wedding Jeweler in Athens, GA: Beth Cyr
Meet a Wedding Jeweler in Athens, GA: Beth Cyr

I started my business about 12 years ago and have been a full time working artist for a little more than a decade. I grew up playing in the woods and by the pond in our front yard. We would sleep out in our backyard and stare at the night sky until we fell asleep. Much of my childhood art was inspired by these elements, as are many of my current designs.