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Fun – Personal – Meaningful – Non-Traditional

You’ve decided to join your lives and hearts by making a lifelong commitment to one another. Let’s celebrate your union, touch your hearts, and inspire your loved ones with a ceremony that is special and meaningful to you, whatever that may be!

Together we will create a custom ceremony that includes traditions important to you – and maybe even traditions or ideas you have never even seen or heard. I look forward to talking with the two of you, and creating something that reflects who you are as a couple, making your ceremony TRULY YOU!

For me, the wedding ceremony is all about celebrating your relationship! And that's exactly what we will do together! Whether you are non-religious, spiritual, inter-faith, a touch religious (or need a touch or a slight feel to satisfy a family member), or somewhere in between - and no matter what else it is that makes you who you are together - I am committed to creating a personalized wedding that incorporates your beliefs and values, celebrates who you are as a couple, and includes components and traditions that represent you best.

To know me is to know my commitment to marriage equality. I want to be part of your special day. As a celebrant unaffiliated with any specific religion or organization, I will design, create, and perform a unique ceremony just for you, as it will be about you. Your ceremony can be simple, traditional, contemporary, or as elaborate and eclectic as you desire. Regardless of the style, it will be perfect for you. I believe your ceremony should be a personal reflection of your current relationship and of your future years together. And I love that I no longer have to distinguish between a wedding ceremony and a commitment ceremony, for any of my couples.

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Bethel was a delight to work with! From the beginning, she was very responsive, organized, and thorough. Bethel really took the time to get to know us personally. She went out of her way to make sure that our ceremony included all the elements we wanted and that we were 100% happy with it. We knew we wanted something customized and special to us but we didn’t know exactly what to do. Bethel gave us a ton of ideas to choose from for our vows, exchange of rings, readings, etc. and that was extremely helpful to us. On our actual wedding day, Bethel really made the ceremony special. We got tons of compliments from family and friends on how great of a job she did and how they really felt the ceremony was very personal. We could not recommend Bethel more and hope that you are lucky enough to have her as your officiant!

Bethel is the BEST!! She is so helpful and responded quickly to all our emails. She goes through the entire process step by step and made it super easy for us. She personalized the whole ceremony to our relationship. She set the tone for our ceremony with her wonderful presence. We received multiple compliments from our guests after the wedding. Our friend who is an officiant, attended our wedding as a guest, and he loved Bethel.

Bethel is the best choice for an officiant there is! My wife and I recently got married on July 3rd, 2017. We searched reviews on WeddingWire, The Knot, and Yelp, came across Bethel and was immediately drawn in by her stellar reviews and her ability to integrate Japanese into our ceremony. Bethel was willing to Skype with us since we were on opposite sides of the U.S. She made us feel very at ease and explained her whole process. It was very important for her to be invested in us and our wedding day ceremony. We knew Bethel was the one for us before we even hung up.
Bethel walked us through her planning process step by step and was very detail oriented. Bethel was in constant communication with us and gave us homework to create the perfect ceremony. While we had ideas of things we wanted in our wedding, Bethel provided countless suggestions of other things that we could add. In addition, the majority of our homework was assigned individually so our answers would be a surprise to each other on the day of the wedding!
Bethel made our day amazing and I do not believe anyone else could've brought the level of perfection that she does! Hearing Bethel read what my wife wrote about me, how she fell in love with me, and the look on my wife's face as Bethel read my thoughts about her was priceless.
It felt like Bethel had known us for years and that a close friend was marrying us. Hearing her integrate Japanese into the ceremony and seeing the reactions on the faces of my wife's relatives brought a whole new personal level to the ceremony that involved everyone regardless of language barriers. Bethel is the officiant you need on your wedding day. Without her, it will be just another wedding.

There is no guidebook for how to pick your officiant for your wedding. With all the other 1,000 tasks that you have to complete when planning your wedding, this could potentially be another stressful activity. But then you find Bethel Nathan...

I knew I wanted our ceremony to be something special, not just the normal run of the mill traditional, boring 30 minute service. I found Bethel on Yelp and was immediately attracted to the glowing reviews she received. I emailed her and we set up our first meeting over coffee at Starbuck's. It was very informal and casual; Bethel explained it as a time to see if she was a good fit for us. There was nothing salesy about it at all! Within minutes my wife and I knew that Bethel was the one for us.

The planning process was so detailed and meticulous. Bethel was in constant communication with us and gave us "homework" to create the perfect ceremony. While we had ideas of some things we wanted in our wedding, Bethel provided countless suggestions of other things that we could add. In addition, the majority of our homework was done individually and was not to be shared with our spouse. It would be a surprise at the wedding!

What Bethel created for our wedding day was nothing short of magical! Hearing Bethel read what my wife wrote about me, her impression of when we first met and how she fell in love with me brought me to tears. Likewise, seeing the look on my wife's face as Bethel read my heartfelt thoughts about her was priceless. The ceremony had great flow, engaged the audience, and truly came from the heart.

I feel the best part was hearing our guests’ reactions after the wedding. We have had numerous people come up to us and say how this was the best wedding they have ever been to! They describe how Bethel's approach was organic, well crafted, and genuinely showed the love between my wife and I. You honestly couldn't ask for anything more!

We wholeheartedly recommend Bethel for your wedding! If you would like a ceremony that is down to earth, genuine, and truly illustrates the relationship between you and your fiance, then look no further. Bethel will take care of the rest!

Bethel is one AMAZING Officiant, as well as an overall individual. She was incredible during the entire process from the day we met, to getting us working on our Homework that we had to the day of the wedding. She took care of myself and my fiance as though we were family to her. I love how involved she is and how she speaks to everyone during the wedding. You can really feel the love she has for what she does and the love she just has for the two that are getting married. I cannot thank YOU enough Bethel for all you did.

Bethel was an amazing officiant. She went above and beyond and helped us through the whole process for our wedding ceremony. We will never forget her, and we were getting compliments all night during the wedding about her service. She helped us write our vows and guided us in ways that we will always be grateful for. It was a pleasure to meet her and she was the perfect fit for us! I would recommend her to everyone!!

-Corey V

Words cannot express what an amazing job Bethel did officiating our wedding in May 2017. We went into our wedding with a no-friends vendor policy, and because we wanted a secular ceremony that was still meaningful - this left us more than a little stumped and overwhelmed about who to hire / what to do. Luckily our site coordinator recommended Bethel as the absolute “best” there is - and wow, we were so lucky to find her! From start to finish, the process was wonderful. Bethel helped us every step of the way with tons of ideas and encouragement. We had “homework” to work on that was due at several different intervals before the day of, and it was honestly our favorite part of the whole planning process. She really encourages you to take a step back and focus on the WHY of your marriage (a great and much needed reminder of why you are planning the crazy wedding in the first place). She also made it a point after the ceremony for us to really take it all in and enjoy the moment - before getting swept up in the whirlwind of the rest of the night. It was much needed and set the tone wonderfully for the rest of the night. And of course the ceremony itself was SO beautiful. So many of our family and friends were moved to tears, but it also had its light hearted and funny moments to balance it out. Looking back on the day it is the small moments during the ceremony I find myself remembering the most and smiling. It truly was magical and I cannot recommend Bethel enough for the gifts that she gave us.

Bethel was incredible to work with! She was very responsive and full of ideas to help make our ceremony meaningful for us and representative of who we are. We loved the ceremony that she helped us to create and her enthusiasm was infectious!

Bethel is AMAZING!! When we started planning our wedding we had no idea where to even begin looking to find someone to marry us, let alone look in a completely different state! I was given Bethel's contact information, emailed her and she emailed back right away and set up a Skype appointment. When we met with her via Skype, I fell in love with the idea of her marrying us. She was so kind, compassionate, and caring. She asked us great questions about ourselves and even shared some personal information about herself with us too! When the time came to do our homework assignments she kept us updated about what to do and when it was due. She also sent us ideas about what we wanted in our ceremony and I really liked that, because it made it like the day really was ours. On the day of our ceremony we switched our location and she was so accommodating and it was like it was not a problem at all. When we were done she even went as far as having us re-introduce each other to her as husband and wife, it was so special!
She was truly a great addition to our special day, and am super glad that we found her!!!

Bethel and I met at a wedding expo and I knew we had to have her as our officiant right off the bat! She has an easy going way about her and I knew I would need someone like her for the ceremony since I figured my groom and I might be a tad nervous for the Big Day! The best part about working with her is she guided us through the process of vow writing and gave us LOTS of options on how to do our vows and ceremony. She is incredibly knowledgeable about traditional and some not-so-common ceremonies people can do. We chose to do a ribbon cutting ceremony where we could include some of our best friends to be participants since we chose not to have groomsmen and bridesmaids. Bethel, thank you for all your great work and we hope to refer you lots of happy couples to wed in the future!

Bethel and I met at a wedding expo and I knew we had to have her as our officiant right off the bat! She has an easy going way about her and I knew I would need someone like her for the ceremony since I figured my groom and I might be a tad nervous for the Big Day! The best part about working with her is she guided us through the process of vow writing and gave us LOTS of options on how to do our vows and ceremony. She is incredibly knowledgeable about traditional and some not-so-common ceremonies people can do. We chose to do a ribbon cutting ceremony where we could include some of our best friends to be participants since we chose not to have groomsmen and bridesmaids. Bethel, thank you for all your great work and we hope to refer you lots of happy couples to wed in the future!

It was love at first sight with Bethel! My now husband and I attended the Bridal Bazaar in September of 2015, two weeks after we got engaged. We had no idea what we were looking for or how to even begin to pick an officiant. Enter Bethel. She is so warm, kind, and compassionate. She radiates love and you can tell how much she cares for all of the couples that she works with. She is also "open to all" which is something that my husband and I really factored into our decision. My husband and I both knew by the time we left the Bridal Bazaar that afternoon that Bethel absolutely was going to be a part of our special day.

We were married October 7th, 2016. Our guests are still raving about our ceremony and how incredible it was. One of my favorite comments from a guest was, "It was so neat to watch you both interact with Bethel during the ceremony. The three of you just all looked so comfortable with each other and you could tell that there was special connection between all of you." Bethel really spends a lot of time getting to know the couple she is working with and it shows in every aspect. The homework assignments are thought provoking in the best kind of way and she uses the information to tell your story in the ceremony. She has so many fun and creative ideas and will speak in great length with you about different variations to make certain aspects of the ceremony unique so it suits you as a couple. She was so responsive to anything and everything that we asked and needed throughout the entire process, which was amazing. I never had to worry about anything that was in Bethel's hands.

Seriously, there are no words to describe how much I love and adore this woman. She is incredible and I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and family looking for an officiant in the future!

Bethel is AMAZING. She officiated our wedding and left the entire audience in tears from how special she made it! She works with you to really get to know you as a couple and tailors the ceremony exactly to you. She is "open to all," which was really important to us. We are not religious, and it's very difficult to find an officiant with no religious affiliation. She was perfect, however.

She has "homework" where you tell her stories about you, and she works them into the ceremony. You don't know the stories of the other side until the ceremony is really happening. And this makes for some really genuine reactions.

In summary, Bethel is the absolute best at what she does. She puts a lot of effort into your wedding and expects you to do the same. But the end result is perfection, and a ceremony that you will cherish your whole life. Many, many guests at our wedding told us it was the best ceremony they had ever seen, and we could not have had that without Bethel's hard work and flawless delivery! Thank you Bethel!

Bethel made our wedding! I could never have imagined how personal and beautiful that our ceremony could feel. She made the process of designing our ceremony easy and so much fun for us. Days later guests were still talking to us about how it was "the best ceremony" that they had ever witnessed.

Bethel made our wedding! I could never have imagined how personal and beautiful that our ceremony could feel. She made the process of designing our ceremony easy and so much fun for us. Days later guests were still talking to us about how it was "the best ceremony" that they had ever witnessed.

My wife and I decided to pursue a beach locale elopement ceremony whereby Officiant and Photographer would be our only attendees. With our larger wedding venues past, this one would be uniquely Ours!

We found Bethel by referral through our fabulous photographer who felt that of all the Officiants he'd worked with that Bethel was top of his list and a great match to our expressed interests. Upon 1st contact with Bethel, we knew that he was spot on.

We were vacillating between a La Jolla and Santa Barbara for our wedding. Bethel helped with scouting recommendations for some very scenic ocean front spots in La Jolla, after which we knew we needed to look no further. Everything was falling perfectly in place and with great ease. She even helped us to find a wonderful resort for our stay in La Jolla.

Bethel spoke our "language" and was so personable. She is so positively spirited and made us feel immediately bonded to her, like we'd be connected for life. We started by email correspondence, then set up our SKYPE call to first meet. Her continued guidance made for such a thoughtful process that unfolded over a few months, from vow writing to other tailored components that would shape our ceremony. Bethel pulled the best from us that ultimately made for such a connected, wonderfully emotional, and present experience.

By our design, our ceremony had no religious overtones and Bethel was happy to oblige. She is the most caring, personable, humorous, wickedly smart, and fun person that we could have found to lead this experience and deliver our perfect wedding ceremony.

Jason, of Ceremonies by Bethel, was INCREDIBLE. We were looking for someone who would work WITH us to create a ceremony that combined different traditions and was a representation of who we are. Not only did he put my now husband and I at ease with his ideas, guidance, and professionalism, but he was so patient, thoughtful, and kind. He walked us through everything step-by-step, and most importantly, he supported our desire to make our ceremony uniquely us from beginning to end. He let us be us, which was really hard to find. We truly enjoyed creating the ceremony piece by piece; Jason made it fun and interactive , and the outcome blew us away. Everyone said how special and unique our ceremony was. He was soulful, flexible, knowledgeable, he held our 150+ crowd's attention, and he gently made sure we kept on deadline. Jason was more than a wedding officiant for us, and we are so grateful. Look no further! You're in excellent hands with Jason.

My husband and I are just so lucky to have Bethel as our wedding officiant. Bethel is AMAZING. We were not only impressed with her professionalism but also her passionate and pleasant personality. She did a lot of homework together with us to really know us and tailor a unique ceremony for us. Everyone loves her and the ceremony she presented! All the guests kept talking how great Bethel is and how emotional the ceremony was. We would like to say thanks again for Bethel's endeavor in making us such an unforgettable ceremony.

Bethel was such an important part of our ceremony and wedding day. She was recommended to me by another bride and I can say that signing with her was one of the best decisions I made for our wedding. She gives homework and gathers answers (which are kept secret until the day of the wedding!) so that she really gets to know the couple. The way she worked our answers into the ceremony was so incredible. We laughed, we cried, and we laughed some more. Bethel is extremely professional, but always so warm. She is thoughtful and cares deeply about every ceremony. We didn't have a religious ceremony, but one of my husband's uncle's told us that he could feel God in our ceremony because of the love and emotion that Bethel drew out of us and conveyed. I appreciated how much she listened to us and how special she made the day. Yesterday was our one year anniversary. We woke up to an email from Bethel, in which she wished us a happy anniversary and sent us love letters that we had each written one year ago. It was so special. Bethel is the best you can ever hope for in an officiant and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Bethel was great! She really helped us figure out what we wanted out of our ceremony, and worked with us to make sure it felt personal, and still included the traditional elements we expected. She had lots of great ideas for interesting ceremony elements/ readings/ ways to bring family members and important people into it. Her experience helped make us feel confident that she would be able to handle any potential problems that could come up. It was also a huge relief that she handles the delivery of the marriage license after the wedding, and makes sure that it gets signed by the witnesses right after the ceremony. Highly recommended!

Bethel is amazing. We have received so many heart felt compliments from friends and family on how beautiful, unique and genuine the ceremony was. More than once our friends and family told us that they felt as though they understood us and our love more than they ever had before. We were able to do that because of the intimate space Bethel created and the time she took in getting to know us. It was everything we have always wanted.

My wife and I were referred to Bethel by our wedding photographer and we are so grateful to have connected with her. From the moment we met Bethel, we were put at ease by her warmth, openness, compassion and obvious skill and experience as an officiant. She provided us with helpful information throughout the planning process, including reminders about when, where and how to file for a marriage license. She offered gentle guidance, suggestions and samples to help us create a meaningful ceremony and vows that felt personal and authentic to our relationship. The homework assignment she gave us was reflective, nostalgic and fun, and we enjoyed hearing each other's responses for the first time during our ceremony - it added an enjoyable element of surprise. She also encourages couples to write love letters to each other, which she sends to you on your honeymoon and each year on your anniversary. My wife and I loved having a platform to share our more intimate thoughts and sentiments with one another and we look forward to remembering how we felt in the weeks leading up to our wedding for years to come. Bethel is an absolute pleasure to work with - you will not be disappointed!

Bethel is amazing! We are not religious and were worried about that being a part of our ceremony since it didn't fit us. I didn't know there was any other option, besides getting someone close to us ordained but then I met Bethel at the Bridal Bazaar. I liked her right off the bat and knew it was supposed to be. Our ceremony could be about us and that was how we wanted it to be. She was very easy to work with and helpful with any other aspects of the wedding we needed referrals for. She was on top of everything and it took a lot of weight off our shoulders. Our dogs are a huge part of our life but having them at the ceremony wasn't something that was easy to work out, we didn't want to have to stress about them or have any guests having to watch them, she found a way to include them in the ceremony without them being there and that meant a lot to us. She was also very receptive to us doing a beer mixing ceremony, its kind of like a sand ceremony. Honestly, she was the favorite part of my whole wedding, other than marrying my best friend, of course. We have several friends who are soon to be married and I hope they use her.

Bethel Nathan is hands down the best in the business. The way she tends to you and does everything within her power to make the entire process smooth is second to none. From the first moment you meet her until the end of your ceremony you have no doubt that you are her priority and that everything is will be perfect. The experience from beginning to end was absolutely the best any couple could EVER hope for. I would recommend her to EVERYONE I know. I married the woman of my dreams so I will never have a need to marry again but if I ever renew my vows she will be the one I call on. NO ONE BETTER IN THE BUSINESS for the most important day of your life.

"If anyone missed your ceremony, they REALLY MISSED OUT, your officiant was by far the best ever, your ceremony moved everyone in that room. How did you find her, who is she and did you already know her?', this is exactly what our great friend told us after our wedding.
Linda (my wife), and I had no idea where to even begin after we became engaged. We went to quite a few bridal bazaars/events and on one lucky Sunday, as we walked down a vendor aisle I remember making eye contact with this woman, who had an amazingly warm smile and stood out from everyone else, I noticed she was an officiant. We continued to walk and I thought to myself.... Hey we are going to need one of those! Lol, we came across other vendors and some how ended right back at Bethel's booth, where she stood with her husband. Once again that smile and warmth just moved us towards her. Of course we stopped and spoke with her, and suddenly we just knew..SHE IS THE ONE! Bethel, met with us one on one and guided us along the way, in making our special day the most memorable of our lives together.
On April 11, 2015, we were honored to have Bethel Nathan, stand by our side and present our endless love, life and future together as wife and wife. Every word, was customized to us as friends, lovers and soon to be wives. She created a unique ceremony for us and tailored our lives into one beautiful story. We laughed, held back tears and most importantly blended our families together as one. She definitely put a spin on things and made our day the most memorable, not only in our lives, but our family and friends as well! After the ceremony we had so many of our guest's approach us with heart felt words about Bethel, and how she touched everyone, and filled our chapel with warmth, love and laughter!
We highly recommend Bethel, and hope that she can fill your day with as many memories as she did ours!

Where to begin about Bethel...honestly words cannot accurately portray the way my husband and I feel about her! From our very first contact with her through email, to skype, to meeting her in person at our wedding (we were from out of town) she was nothing short of wonderful and supportive. Anytime we had a question, she answered it promptly. She truly went above and beyond to make our wedding day special and perfect! Using the 'homework' to get to know us better, she tailored our ceremony to fit us perfectly. Both of our families, and other vendors, raved about how fantastic she was during the ceremony. Many guests had the same thing to say...'We could tell Bethel really cared about you guys', which is so true!! My husband and I know Bethel is a huge part of our lives now and forever will be. She is not just an officiant, she is now a friend and we couldn't be more grateful to have her. I would recommend Bethel to anyone and any couple that chooses her will be so very lucky!

The definition of "professional" must include the word Bethel somewhere in it. By far, she is one of the most professional, down to earth, easy to work with vendors that I've ever had the pleasure to do business with personally and professionally. My husband and I were both extremely pleased to have her be a part of our wedding. If you want people to remember your wedding, it starts with Bethel. She set the mood for the entire evening and it didn't stop. She's top notch.

The details? She's full of them. She helps you every step of the way. We wrote our own vows. She helped us craft our non-religious wedding however, you can definitely add religious pieces to it. She gave you more ideas than you knew what to do with but really you could go with anything she suggested. She was really involved and kept you on track to narrowing down how you really wanted your ceremony to go down that day. You definitely know what you are getting when you work with Bethel and it's comforting and worry-free.

I have to admit, I was only looking to spend no more than $250/$300 however, after much research (I mean a lot of it) we decided to go first class all the way and hire the BEST. She is really the best. You will not be disappointed.

Day of the wedding, she was prompt, dressed professionally, warm and greeted guests (my mom insisted to take a picture with her), and was ready to get the show on the road on time. After the ceremony, she was so sweet and made us stop and take a breath, enjoy the moment to look around. We needed that. We were so wrapped up in everything and she made us really appreciate the love around us.

By the time we came back from our honeymoon, she filed paperwork, sent us our vows, marriage certificate and copies of what to do next. Extremely helpful. We both loved the process and her special attention. She even followed up with us. We are happy to have worked with her and to meet such an amazing human being.

October 18, 2014 Wedding in Oceanside, California.

If you are lucky enough to work with Bethel Nathan, you will not be disappointed. Her method for putting together the ceremony is thorough…in fact, her prep is so comprehensive and the ceremony so personal, that our guests thought we had known her for years. Many guests commented after the event that they had never seen a more meaningful ceremony, there were many tears of joy in the audience; be prepared to have people emotionally moved! Aside from preparation ahead of time, Bethel was a delight on the day of the ceremony and a natural in front of our guests. She has a wonderful way about her when she is speaking that puts your guests at ease, even as she marshals everyone to play their part at the right time.

Bethel provided excellent advice along the way and kept us on track over the months we were working with her. She will offer suggestions that you can use or not use, she has no rigid notions about what you absolutely have to do…in fact there were many parts of the ceremony that we edited from her original copy, and she was delighted to take our edits. You will need to do your homework that she gives you; but if you do, your ceremony will be something you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. TJ and I recommend Bethel without reservation.

We first met Bethel Nathan at a bridal bazaar. She was instantly engaging and always made us feel comfortable around her. We are not overly religious, but we still consider ourselves spiritual and wanted to recognize a true sense of love we have for each other. Bethel helped us incorporate the perfect words and establish a loving atmosphere for our ceremony. She was incredibly courteous to both of our families and kept us at ease during our emotional moments. She led us through an unforgettable exchanging of vows and told stories about us that helped our guests recognize how special we are to each other. Bethel's warmth is contagious, and she helped start a day that we will never forget.

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    By far, the best wedding officiant I've worked with. Bethel takes so much time to really get to know the couple that she will be marrying, so the ceremony is personal and meaningful. Very professional, personable, and easy to work with!

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