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Delicacies Jewelry is the first ever full-line of jewelry for epicureans. We make chic, beautifully modern, elegant pieces of jewelry that spotlight simple, whole ingredients — truly some of the most beautiful shapes nature ever created.

Beyond the beauty of their form, the complex and storied meanings behind our pieces is perhaps even more compelling for brides. Delicacies Jewelry encourages people to look at the “lore” or mythology, behind our favorite ingredients. Throughout history, we humans have used foods to bring certain “energies” into our lives. Aphrodisiacs are probably the easiest thing to point to as an example, but each ingredient has its own storied history. Think about what it means to "offer an olive branch,” -- well known as a way of offering peace and compromise. Or the fact that people in the Middle Ages wore garlic around their necks and stuffed onions in their pockets to protect themselves from evil forces.

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