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Deutsch & Deutsch offering a wide selection of Jewelry, Watches, Wedding Rings, Necklaces, Diamond, Engagement Rings & Earrings. Our stores are located in El Paso, Houston, Laredo and McAllen, Texas.

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We had a horrible experience and were treated poorly. Originally we had my engagement ring custom made at D&D. Unfortunately, the salesman measured my finger and wrote down the wrong size and we ended up with a ring that was too large. Due to the large size, they could only size it down partially. It was still too big. Worse than having a too large ring, the ring sizing was done poorly and where they sized it (on the shank), it split open after less than a week. They fixed this, but shortly after that (less than a month), a diamond fell out. Again, they did fix that, but told me that "pave just does that." Pave does loose stones, but not after having a brand new ring less than a month...Since the ring was still too big, I asked for sizing balls. However, the store offered to re-make my exact ring in the correct size. That was a very generous offer and naively we took them up on it after being told it would be the exact same. When I went to pick up the new ring, it was very clear that it was not the same. The milligrain and knife edge that were prominent features in my ring, were absent. I was devastated, but on my way to my bridal shower so I didn't have time to deal with it. When my fiance called them, bc I was too hysterical, he requested to just have my old ring back. Turns out it was destroyed. At NO POINT in the interaction were we told that was a possibility. We never dreamed that a store who designed and made the ring, could not remake it properly. They did admit the ring was wrong and claimed they just wanted me to have one for my bridal shower, but when I picked it up they certainly did not mention anything to that effect. Which makes me assume they were knowingly trying to pawn off a bad ring. They did offer to remake it again. We took them up on this, as we really felt we had no choice. However, AGAIN the ring came back incorrect. The milligrain was now in places it never was before, the center stone was set CROOKED and some of the diamonds in the pave were cracked. The fact that they could even hand that over to me is appalling. More appalling is the fact that I emailed the owner of the store as I was getting no where with the front office staff. He never contacted me back. Instead the same "designer" who created the CAD emailed me back and referred to this issue as her "burden." Nice...She offered to remake it again. Honestly I'd had enough of them by that point. We went somewhere else and ironically, they were able to make the ring right on the first try. Maybe it is because the other store doesn't farm out their work. Clearly the same people weren't working on my ring, clearly qualified people were not working on my ring. I was even told that the tool they must have used on the last version D&D made of my ring was wrong and that is why it looked so poor. I would HIGHLY advise going anywhere else than Deutsch & Deutsch.

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