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Foundations Program PreMarital Coaching

Foundation means building a strong internal structure that cannot be broken. Therefore, wouldn't it make sense if every relationships foundation were unbreakable? Wouldn't it be awesome if you understood your expectations prior to making a commitment to a relationship?

The Goal of the Foundations Program is quite simple. There are topics that most individuals choose not to talk about prior to getting into a relationship or getting married. Furthermore, individuals may not think of specific questions to ask when they are getting to know their partner in the beginning stages of a relationship because that particular situation has not presented itself yet. Hence, a Home Study Program was developed.

As a BONUS, I have also added a Compatibility Assessment Questionnaire and Interpretative Report to highlight areas that include but are not limited to: Identifying Personality Traits that will enhance communication and highlight overall Satisfaction in the relationship

For more information about my services, please visit www.doctortk.com.

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