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With a variety of offerings to choose from as in Wedding ceremony choices, packages including Planning and Coordination in addition payment options; I am sure you'll be happy working with me. Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

I would also like to take the time to do a bit of wedding education about Virginia wedding officiant laws; first off being ordained in the State of Virginia is NOT enough; everyone must be court authorized by a Circuit Court in Virginia! ONLINE Ordinations are NOT allowed in Virginia!! Then you have people like me who are Ordained but work as a Commissioner of Marriage, which I am a Lifer meaning I have been sworn in by the courts for life. If you do not hire me, please make sure you do your homework on your officiant; reviews, licensing, how they do their scheduling, how many weddings they have done, is this their full-time job or part-time (this makes a difference, Full-timers put you guys first and part-timers are more likely to cancel if something better comes up).

There is a difference between a basic officiant which is someone who has a standard two or three ceremonies to choose from and only shows up for the ceremony and you never see or hear from them again and a full service officiant; I am a full service officiant meaning;
1) I take the time to get to know you
2) I will customize your ceremony to fit YOU the couple and I offer over 50 various templates to start with
3) I am always available to take your calls, emails, skypes (unless I am in my pajamas and have not brushed my hair, or you can take your chance with being scared and I take your skype), Facebook not just my business page, but my personal Facebook page! On the other hand, I am doing a wedding, which I am not talking to you! hehehe
4) I want to know you and I want to be around for that 10-year anniversary when you decide to renew your vows.
5) When you are expecting your first child together I want to be able to send a congrats!
6) Your rehearsal, I do NOT just stand there with my papers; I jump in and help line everyone up, take time with the small children to make sure they are not afraid, walk them down the aisle and back up the isle and then back down the aisle until they are all happy with what they are supposed to be doing!
7) I will NOT overcharge you and sure, I am not the cheapest; nor am I the most expensive!
8) I do not double book my days, when you book me, you get me the entire day! I know sometimes weather happens, flat tires, cold feet, and a host of other emergencies! This is why we call the emergencies, we do not plan for them!
9) I am also a Master?s level marriage and family counselor. I am there for you if you have things that arise during your pre-wedding preparation process (and believe me there will be situations where you will need an ear or a voice of reason and I do NOT charge for my time because I truly care about you).

10) I will NEVER force my beliefs or traditions on you; it is YOUR day! Moreover, I am here to support your choices even if your family does not like them; I am here to back your choices up!

11) No matter how terribly corny my jokes are they are free, the stupider they are then there is a chance I may charge for them ;) (Just kidding) So, The next step for you to take is to get in touch with me via Phone or Email and let?s talk about HOW we can make your Dreams Come True!

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