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What will your wedding day be like? A fairy tale? A comfortable gathering of friends and family? A glamorous Hollywood party? Whatever your vision, Elegance On The Avenue Brooch Bouquets can design and create your personalized, heirloom bouquet. Your specially designed bridal bouquet will tell your love story for years to come. Your memories won’t wilt or die in seven to ten days; your bouquet shouldn’t either.

One of my first brides came to me and said, “The day I get married, I’ll have four turtles with me.” She must have seen the look on my face because she chuckled and said, “Tattoos!” This bride, Julia, now wife to Jasyn and mother of a beautiful little girl, is a lover of all things turtle. In each of her bouquets, we placed a sterling silver turtle and a small enamel turtle brooch. Julia also told me that a tree was very special in her relationship with Jasyn. We found the perfect tree to go in her bouquet. I love to personalize bouquets. It’s what sets us apart from fresh flower florists. Personalizing is what creates an heirloom brooch bridal bouquet. – Teresa, Designer and Creator

Whether you love turtles, monkeys, elephants, dogs, or owls; whether you met your fiance on a trip to Oklahoma or on the internet; whether this is your first wedding or third, we can create an enduring expression of your love that you can carry up the aisle on this most important day.

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