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At EliteFleet Orlando, we provide Event Care Companions and Chauffeurs to assist your loved ones with any special needs for your wedding and more. We not only provide wheelchair accessible transportation to and from your wedding, but care services before, during and after! These services can include any preparation for the event (bathing, dressing, last minute details), restroom accommodations, assistance with food, medication reminders, and more based on your loved ones needs. Our services include consultations not just with you, but also venue visits to assure that all the details are covered. Our dedicated Care Companions by Age Advantage will be with your loved one to relieve any stress on you and your family, as well as to assure they have all their needs taken care in a dignified manner and have the opportunity to have a GREAT time with YOU. We look forward to helping your loved be a part of your special day and making memories that last a lifetime!

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  • Yasmen Katrina Events


    Love this company's idea of helping the bride and groom have ALL of their loved ones there on their special day! Great staff!

    by Yasmen Katrina Events