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My goal is to capture the magic within the moments of your life, from the monumental to the mundane. I approach each opportunity with an inquisitive eye and creative spirit.

My work has been featured in Draft Magazine, Groupon ads and I was thrilled to be included in the recent Capture My Vermont photo book.

I was born and raised in Vermont, and currently reside in Charlotte where you will find my freezer filled with film (an increasingly impossible to find commodity) and grapes (see loves below). I indulge my wanderlust whenever possible, and in my spare time, if I'm not shooting photos of bumblebees in the flowers, I love to play guitar, daydream, bike, hike, play, laugh, eat crunchy grapes, bake pies and other treats, eat said treats and other delicious food, and enjoy time with my friends, family and fuzzy friends, Wally and Obi. I thoroughly believe in the basic premise that life should be fun.

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  • Lasso'd Moon


    Ellen Ross is a wonderful Vermont photographer. Her work is always beautiful.

    by Lasso'd Moon