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Favor is composed of thoughtfully designed jewelry that will be relevant and beautiful for years to come. The details are as important as the object, from the care that we put into making the perfect curve, to our high quality materials that feel better and last longer. The collections and individual pieces are designed to complement one another. Their simplicity and clean lines mean they can be added to an existing wardrobe easily, stand on their own as a thoughtfully chosen piece, or collected and added to over the years. Regardless of how our pieces are styled, Favor is made to be worn and loved.

We fabricate all of our jewelry by hand in our Portland, Oregon, studio using small-scale metalsmithing techniques. This means every piece is hand cut, shaped, soldered, polished, and assembled by one of our lovely makers. It also means that we know exactly what materials are used and how they are used. We recycle 100% of our scrap metal, we use non-toxic chemicals, and our old tools are donated to a local arts charity. Even the little zip top baggies we send your necklaces in are biodegradable!

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by choices, especially when I am trying to shop responsibly and sustainably. It can be difficult to know what you're buying and who you're supporting. I take this seriously and try my best to be a responsible designer and business-owner. We use gold fill because it has the longevity of 14k gold, without the environmental harm associated from mining new gold. We use 100% recycled silver and brass for the same reason. We don't plate our metals because that process produces toxic chemicals that are impossible to dispose of safely. We choose our stones thoughtfully and often select lab-grown and responsibly-mined gems, so you can know the end result of your dollar is supporting sustainability. We fabricate by hand and in our studio because we can employ local makers and ensure a great product by producing all of our pieces one at a time, in the same location, by the same set of hands.

Yes, this takes longer. Yes, it is more work. But we believe we are creating more good than harm by working this way. And the jewelry is really pretty.

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Meet a Wedding Jeweler in Portland, OR: Favor Jewelry
Meet a Wedding Jeweler in Portland, OR: Favor Jewelry

Hello! I’m Monika and I run Favor Jewelry. I focus on minimal, modern designs that will be relevant and beautiful for years. I love the idea of buying jewelry to celebrate a special occasion and incorporating it into your regular wardrobe. I want to make pieces that you want to wear every day.