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Forecasting Consultants LLC's profile image is provided and copyrighted by Forecasting Consultants LLC. Forecasting Consultants LLC is a private weather forecasting service. We provide forecasts that your local media service cannot provide.

At Forecasting Consultants LLC, we take away the unknown of that dreaded question, “What will the weather be like on MY wedding day?!”.

A beautifully planned wedding or honeymoon should have a specific and accurate weather forecast, which is tailored to fit the customization of your wedding.

We can offer climatological statistics and atmospheric trends weeks or months before your wedding day. Our services allow us to track the weather for your day, accurately and precisely, with up to the minute notifications of changing weather. Keeping you informed at all times, alerting you of updates via your choice of phone, email or text.

We take the worry off your shoulders and put the known weather into your hands. This leaves you free to relax and enjoy the most important days of your lives.



Email: [email protected]

Owner: Kevin Anthony - Phone: 631-935-5691

Manager: Nicole Gallicchio - Phone: 631-258-8726

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