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We offer a perfect DIY Wedding Party Gift and Favor that will actually be used and enjoyed by your guests or wedding party most every day for years! These patented, porcelain, HeartVases can brighten fridges, any window, mirror, wall, or computer at home or work! And not only can you give the Heart Vases themselves your own unique and creative touch, as for example a favorite photo of both of you or some pearly lace but you can get creative with what goes inside, such as with fresh or silk mini-bouquets, imprinted ribbons, bows, beads, tulle, lollipops etc. Let your imagination go wild! Visit HeartVases.com and prepare to be inspired!

We have white and red HeartVases in stock and can ship within 2 - 4 days.

Our Story: As for my partner Liz and I, we two sixty-somethings actually met a couple of years ago on Valentine's Day -- at a dance no less! On our first date, she said I was her meant-to-be. It took a couple of days for me to catch up, and within a couple of month, we were living together. We continue to wonder when our honeymoon will be over :)

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