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Wedding Videography & Cinematography

Future Focus Media is a family-run Motion Storytelling company, based in Traverse City, Michigan.

We primarily capture and produce wedding films for amazing couples. Motion Storytelling is our art form. And that art form is capturing your life in motion, and producing that captured life as digital art for your family to cherish forever.

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I'm not even sure where to begin but I would STRONGLY recommend taking your business elsewhere for your wedding films! Leading up to the wedding was fine but ever since has been a complete disaster. Paul, the owner of Future Focus Media, was the videographer for my husband and I's wedding in July 2017. It took four and a half months to get any of our wedding coverage, including our teaser which our contract said we should have received as early as two weeks after our wedding. When we finally got our coverage, there were multiple places throughout our videos that the coverage had lines, blacked out, or lost sound. Obviously the videos were never viewed before being released to us. We also paid extra to have drone coverage, which was nowhere to be found. When I contacted Paul about this, it took four emails and a voicemail on my part to get a response a MONTH later from him. When he finally responded weeks later, he said he had fixed our videos and reposted them for me. When I viewed them again, there were still multiple issues in our ceremony video and the drone coverage was completely generic coverage that I’m sure was taken from another wedding done at Castle Farms. There was absolutely no coverage that that was personalized to our wedding when he took footage of us and our wedding party with the drone. He admitted to “misplacing” our drone coverage with another wedding that had drone footage but claimed he found it and it was the generic coverage he gave us. I expressed our dissatisfaction with the wedding video issues and drone coverage that we knew he had lost and I said we wanted a refund for the done. When I got a response three weeks later (after emailing him numerous times again) he offered to refund us for the drone and take back the generic coverage he provided us, which we know wasn’t from our wedding, or provide us DVDs and said he would fix the remaining issues in the ceremony video and have it reposted within a few days. It has now been a month and we have no refund and no fixed ceremony video. I have emailed him 3 times, left a voicemail, and reached out by texting with no response. The fact that we are dealing with the owner and this is how he treats his customers, I would stay far away from this business. I am glad we have a video of our wedding but the quality of the video is not great for the money spent and we could not be more displeased with the way we have been treated.

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