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Don't need a toaster or have room for more flatware? Then consider registering for your dream honeymoon, or a downpayment on your new home with Gift Gather.

We are a FREE on-line gift registry site that is perfect as a stand alone registry or a supplement to your traditional registry.

We are a bit different in that as the couple you register for one BIG gift:

+ Honeymoon
+ A charity of your choice
+ Downpayment on your dream home
+ Your BIG Dream - whatever it may be!

We are perfect for:
-The modern couple that already has home furnishings.
-The Adventurous couple that is comfortable throwing tradition to the wind.
-The Couple that wants to give back because they have everything they need.

We have learned that guys LOVE gifting through our site. (Most of them don't enjoy shopping!)
Busy people who may not have time to shop.
Your friends and family that want to be a part of a meaningful gift.

Check us out today! We have a really simple and clean design that is focused on YOU and your fiance!

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