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My name is Vince, I am a Wedding Photographer based in Naperville, Illinois. I’ve been a photographer for 8 years and I have gotten the chance to document hundreds of weddings in some pretty amazing locations.

After freelancing for other big named wedding studios for a few years, I decided to create Griff Photography. I learned a lot while working for them, but I knew that I wanted my business to remain small and always be very personal. I want to be able to get to know every couple that reaches out to me and that is why I only photograph a limited number of weddings a year.

I realize you are not only hiring a photographer, but you are also hiring someone who you are going to want to spend the entire day with, and it’s not just the photos that I produce but also the personality that I bring behind the camera. Your wedding will be documented in both an artistic and authentic way while focusing on the in-between moments that often go unnoticed, as well as the emotion and energy that comes with a wedding day.

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