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In Bobbi's spare time she is typically attends a variety of concerts around the Bay Area. When she is not an attendee, she shoots live shows, interview artists/bands, and writes album reviews. Bobbi has been a contributing member of PureGrainAudio, an online music publication based out of Canada covering music across the world, including today's major festivals. Music is more then just a passion of hers, she's immersed in the culture. Concert photography is how she brings to life the music she adores. There is no greater experience then attending a live show with others who feel the same. Her passion for photography doesn't end at just capturing live events. Bobbi enjoys brining a smile to someones face as they reminisce about events that have changed their life indefinitely, whether it is a family BBQ or your wedding day. Bobbi currently attends Santa Clara University in pursuit of her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and works for a non-profit in the Silicon Valley.

Joe graduated from SFSDF, San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking, brining his love of the movies to life. Life is full of untold stories, and Joe works to capture those stories through the images he creates. Joe can always be found with a small note pad writing down his latest idea. His inspiration comes from the bookshelves full of comic books, Blu-rays, and WWE action figures. Joe even worked for a movie theatre, capturing the business of blockbuster movies! Joe has also been a contributing member for PureGrainAudio.com as a videographer capturing today's biggest rockstars on camera. He has a wide variety of experience working in film; from full length independent movies, commercials, live performances, and YouTube content.

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