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We are Katja & Simon, destination wedding photographers. We are based in Slovenia, but we fell in love with the big world around us. So we travel around and discover what life has to offer. During our first travels we also discovered the beauty of photography and the love for telling stories grew into something bigger. Something we want to share with you.

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Me and husband could not have been more excited when we got the pictures from Katja and Simon. Our weddingday had been all but short of a catasrophy because of the weathers impact on an outdoor wedding, and I had been very stressed the whole evening. But when we got the pictures all you could see was our happiness. Laughter, love and smiles in every single pictures. Now when I look back at my wedding its does'nt seeme so bad, I see the whole day in a totally different perspective.

Not only where Katja and Simone extremely professionall by guiding us and helping us throughout the photosession, but they also made us laugh and feel safe. They where a part of the wedding, not just photographers.

When we got our wedding pics my mother in-law actually printed almost every single picture so that she could decorate their house with pictures of the scenery. So not only where we, me and my husband, happy with the choise - all of our family feel the same way.

In the end we have pictures that I can only describe as absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend Katja&Simon Photography to absolutely everyone, weather you are having a small intimate wedding just as we did, or want the whole nine yards.

We were so elated when we first saw the pictures and to this day I still marvel at how incredible they are. Absolutely amazing. We were worried about the process before going in but Katja&Simon make you feel completely at ease and comfortable throughout the shoot and the pictures are very "us".

They've exceeded our expectations in every way and have a unique feel to the other stuff you can find online - it's remarkable how the pictures manage to capture our essence and how Katja&Simon grasped both ours and Copenhagen's spirit on those shots.

We're so happy to have chosen Katja&Simon to register this milestone and I'm sure we'll be cherishing these pictures for years to come. Having them photograph our elopement/wedding was the best decision we could have made and money well spent.

Suffices to say I'm still getting compliments from friends&family saying it's some of the coolest pictures they've ever seen. I wouldn't know about that, but for us they definitely are. We really couldn't be happier with the results and can't recommend them highly enough. 🙂

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