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My hand-crafted goddess necklaces each tell a unique empowering story and are made from 18k gold, sterling silver, and recycled piano keys.

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Each of my necklaces imparts a unique tale from the world's vast bank of legends, centering around the fables that are still a necessary part of the human experience today. From the first shamanistic fires of early man to the Italian Renaissance, we organize and clarify our own life events against the framework of these fundamental stories. By using a variety of precious metals, natural cabochons, gemstones, and ivory from recycled piano keys, I design and craft necklaces that honor this ancient tradition of storytelling.

I employ both aspects of my unique training from an Italian master goldsmith and a Cherokee shaman to make work that embodies a rare combination of the sacred and the contemporary. I create each necklace by hand-sawing my design from sterling silver, and individually soldering 18k gold details onto this base. I carve my women’s faces from ivory (recycled from antique piano keys) and scrimshaw the features, before beading the necklace with natural pearls and signing the bottom. All these processes follow either the ancient artisan traditions of the Florentine jewelers or the Native American silversmiths: further emphasizing the influence of cultural history that defines my artwork.

My work is currently represented by the Longworth Gallery (Santa Fe, NM) and the Vittoriano Museum in Rome, Italy. In 2013, my jewelry was featured in the September issue of Ornament magazine, as well as accepted into the Alfonse Mucha Museum in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. In 2015, I became an officially licensed Mucha jeweler to continue his legacy of Art Nouveau work, and my jewelry is currently touring through British and Italian museums in conjunction with the traveling exhibition Mucha: A Quest for Beauty.

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I have been bringing stories to life since 2005! I create each of my unique goddess necklaces using the ancient techniques of the Italian masters, with whom I studied in Florence. Every piece tells a empowering story of love, passion, creativity, healing, and more. Much like talismans of old, my necklaces are designed to be worn throughout the course of your life, lending strength and...