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Lean on Wheels has become more than a food truck serving healthy dishes. We are now a company delivering healthy meals either from our truck or directly to anyone who wants high quality freshly made ready to eat gourmet meals that are rich in nutrients and protein, gluten free, and with no added sodium or sugar. We are reaching out to local health professionals who offer education to our customers on health concerns and interests. These health associates are key contributors to our employee wellness workshops that we offer to companies to help increase employee health and productivity and lower health insurance costs.
While we started to focus on body builders and fitness enthusiasts, our market has expanded and has become quite diverse. We are finding physicians who have patients with health concerns such as diabetes and obesity or anyone going into surgery interested in our meal plans.

We also discovered that “brides to be” could benefit from our weekly meal plans while planning for their weddings. Women have mentioned how stressful planning a wedding is and how difficult it is to focus on staying the right size or losing the weight necessary to fit into their dream wedding dress. Stress can change the body’s shape and when it comes to look your best on one of the most important days of your life, it’s important to eat healthy. So we have created meal plans that are delivered on a weekly basis to work or home address through shipping or vehicle delivery. We interview every bride to see what her goals are and what size she plans to be to fit into her dress. We also consider our customers’ personal food preferences while developing custom-made meal plans.

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