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My name is Toby and I hope you can see that I love what I do - which is all about the unique combination of the craft and the people. People like you who appreciate the value of great photography.

After spending most of my years working in various management roles running businesses for others, I craved for a new exciting direction and fell into photography through loyal friends who pushed me to show others my creative talents and consider professional photography as my new career.

I listened and studied photography in my precious downtime, and the more I learnt the more I began to love every minute. From then on I set about building a portfolio to which I cut my teeth taking pictures of my children, then my friends' children........I was asked to shoot a wedding and finally I listened to those close to me and decided to set up my business to which was born !

There has never been any doubt about my speciality, my photographic passion - and that is photographing people and capturing emotions of the moment, and I'm convinced you can only do this successfully if you enjoy making connections and building relationships. I want to give you something individual and personal by taking the time to know you a little. I often get asked now what I most enjoy taking pictures of and I honestly can't restrict it to just one genre. Without doubt I adore working with children the sheer energy, joy and innocence of childhood is something I will never tire of, but equally I feel blessed to be able to capture the intense love between a couple on their wedding day.

In simple terms, I really care about what I do and what I produce so come on, get in touch and let's work together to create something special.


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