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By CATALFO is Ontario's newest 'go-to' label for bridal fashion, offering a collection of custom made bridesmaid dresses and bridal fashion; kimono's and bridal robes.

Each dress is carefully constructed by our Designer, Sarah Catalfo. A perfect fit is achieved through a made-to-measure process for each member of your bridal party. We also offer a wide range of colours in the prettiest hues for you to choose from, and even mix & match with!

We take pride in offering our clients high quality and personable customer service. But we like to keep things fun and friendly too.
It's the personal touches added by our Designer, Sarah Catalfo that make Maybe By CATALFO unique.

Contact our Designer Sarah Catalfo about booking your custom dresses at [email protected]!

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It’s sad to say that my experience as a bride ordering bridesmaids robes with Sarah and her company, ByCatalfo, was awful. I had placed an order for 7 robes for my girls, based on pictures, swatches, and sizing charts from her site. Sarah was great to communicate with at the beginning, and readily answered my questions and e-mails. The robes took longer than Sarah had initially said, which was fine with me, as I was expecting great quality with the robes being handmade.
When I received the robes, I was extremely disappointed to find out that the robes were not the same colour as Indicated by the swatch that I picked from online. I had wanted an almost-ivory colour, and they turned out a bright baby pink. The robes also had many imperfections in their stitching (ie. wavy stitching), and the length of the robes was uneven around the hemline, and significantly longer than what they should have been. When I had contacted Sarah and sent her pictures about these concerns, she had told me that ‘imperfect stitching is inevitable because the robes are hand sewn’, and that she could do nothing about the colour/hemline issue. This was quite upsetting to my mom and I, who though that ordering hand made robes would mean they were near flawless! So, mother and I thought it would be best to send the robes back and receive half of our money back, as Sarah had told us we could then do, if we were that unhappy. I had made my decision a few weeks later to return them (I took time to think about whether it would be worth it to cut my losses and move on), and she went back on her word! In proceeding conversations, Sarah proceeded to be extremely rude to my mother and I, even telling my mother that Sarah ‘could not speak to her because she was not her customer’. We could not believe how she was speaking to us, and the absolutely terrible customer service that came from this.
All in all, I am down around $800, as I refuse to use her products based on the lack of quality and the overall extremely negative customer service experience we have had working with her. As a bride, I would be extremely upset looking back on my wedding day pictures and seeing robes that are not what I had expected, and are terribly made!
I found robes of much better quality from another company, and am so much happier with them. Overall, I would NOT RECOMMEND ByCatalfo!

I was so nervous to purchase my wedding dress on Etsy but with all her reviews I was sure it would be a good dress and experience. I sent her my custom measurements along with photos of myself. I ordered the dress on Dec 21st and she assured me I would receive it by Jan 31st. I also paid for a rush order.

I received the dress 3 weeks after my expected date. about 10 days before my wedding. It was a nightmare. Her production team made my dress incorrectly somehow and then she began the production of a new dress and delayed the entire thing. It's every brides nightmare. When I finally received the dress it was too large on me. There was absolutely no way I could have it altered and fixed in time. I told her it would not work and she declined a refund. I spent $432 dollars on this nightmare. I do not recommend Sarah or ByCatalfo

The first thing about By Catalfo that caught my attention was the beautiful, elegant simplicity of each design. They were the type of dresses you see and immediately think ‘it’s perfect.’ The other amazing feature of By Catalfo's bridesmaid dresses was how the design fit each girl perfectly. I couldn't believe how flattering the same style could look on nine different girls. Overall, my experience with Sarah was amazing. She was beyond helpful and accommodating. I could tell she really understood how special this day was going to be and did everything in her power to make it a stress-free, fun experience. I would absolutely recommend By Catalfo to anyone looking for custom bridesmaid dresses.

I JUST received the most gorgeous bridal lace kimono in the mail for my wedding in a little over a week. This is an absolutely stunning piece. I cannot wait to wear it while I get ready and look forward to using it for years to come. I am thrilled to have this and fear that I may be developing an addiction. I don't think I need the excuse of a wedding to have more pretty things...

I also purchased a set of floral handkerchiefs. So pretty and delicate. These will be part of my bridesmaids gifts and these lovely little tokens go perfectly with my wedding colours. A+

Awesome customer service and the option to customize was perfect. Sarah was so responsive and easy to work with on my requests.
Thank you so much Sarah!

Sarah was amazing to work with!! She made my custom design come to life, and my girls are going to love the custom handkerchiefs on my wedding day in June! The fabric and work put into them, is perfection!!

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By Catalfo is a bridal fashion label founded by Designer Sarah Catalfo and based in Ontario, Canada. By Catalfo offers custom bridesmaid dresses, bridal kimono’s and robes. The label provides brides and bridal party’s newness to the local bridal fashion market. By Catalfo is a go-to label for bridal parties searching for the perfect fitting dress on several different body types.