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Premarital Counseling

Before you Tie the Knot

This premarital counseling package is designed to help you as a couple prepare for a solid marriage and understand your strengths and improve your areas of growth. These sessions will be customized and catered to your relationship.
Our goal is simple…..To help you reach yours.

In this package, you will have a relationship assessment, receive a workbook, and four (4) therapy sessions.

4 Therapy Sessions: Explore relationship strength and identify potential issues that need growth. Strengthen communication skills to help address and prevent future conflict. Identify and manage major marriage stressors (in-laws, financial issues, parenting). Define the boundaries and limitations to help the marriage grow. Gain tools to resolve conflict and understand. Learn skills to create a secure bond with one another. Manage the Wedding Planning Stress
First Session: The first session is about the therapist getting to know you two as individuals and in the relationship. Exploring your comfort levels with each other while working with the counselor, and then working as a team.
You will teach the counselor about your relationship, how your relationship developed, the strengths of the relationship, your concerns for the future (if any), goals for your relationship, etc. The therapist will then begin to go over the assessment results with the couple (this will continue throughout the 4 sessions).

• Discuss Goals for the therapy
• Goals for your relationship
• Results of Test
• Growth and Problem Areas
• Communication Styles/Patterns
• Learn how to address and resolve differences
• Conflict Resolution: Such as struggling with the in-law, managing finances, parenting, roles of a wife/marriage, etc.
• Family of Origin Issue – How to handle the family
• Wedding Planning Stress and Managing it as a team
• Expectations of Marriage: Roles of one another
The price of this entire package is $540.00. 20% off the regular price of $675.00 + the assessment includes FREE ($45.00 Value).
*Including A Free Premarital Assessment Instrument ($45.00 Value)

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