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Origami Owl by Anthea has now launched in Canada and has a bridal collection that would be perfect for all weddings! Living Lockets for bouquets are a gorgeous accent that allows you to tell your story on the most important day of your life.
In addition to a locket for your bouquet, they also make great gifts for bridesmaids, the Mother of the Groom and the Mother of the Bride. You can personalize each creation with your choice of locket, chain, plate, charms, and Swarovski crystals (you could match the crystal to the colour of the bridesmaid dress!) 
Origami Owl also offers Inscriptions, allowing you to inscribe a custom message on a locket or a plate, a truly special gift. There is a 30 day return policy and a lengthy warranty.



If you have any questions or would like assistance in choosing the perfect gift, please send us an email or a PM on our Facebook page. Thank you!

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