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A step by step online wedding planning program so you can plan your wedding on your own easily, simply and joyfully

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Passport to Joy is a step by step online wedding planning program that guides you through the ENTIRE wedding planning process from your engagement to your wedding day, simply and happily.

With instructional videos, downloadable worksheets, templates, helpful resources and a personal wedding advisor, this one of a kind comprehensive program walks you through every step in the process.

So, instead of searching the internet for answers on whether your budget is realistic or what you need to know about hiring vendors, or how to plan your wedding from afar, you'll know...

Exactly what you need to know
What you need to be working on
And how to actually plan and design your wedding so that it's unique and unmistakably you

So you can plan your wedding on your own without losing your mind or blowing your budget.

Created by renowned destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events, it's like having a wedding planner in your back pocket.

The program literally walks you step by step through the entire wedding planning process, going over all questions you’ll have and the guidance you need for all the additional questions that will come up along the way.

So there’s no more guessing or overwhelm and way more JOY.

Saving you 300+ hours of research and time spent worrying, stressing or feeling overwhelmed.

Saving you money from costly mistakes and helping you to find ways to work with your budget.

The Passport to Joy program gives you the opportunity to actually enjoy your engagement, the planning process and your wedding day.

So you can plan your wedding on your own, easily, simply and joyfully.

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