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Why airbrush makeup is the option for you?

When you are having an important event by the Riviera Maya beach, it is important to bear in mind that certain “classic” features about makeup that you may know would not apply. As you hit the ground in the glorious paradise of the Caribbean Sea, you will notice one first obvious thing: Yes, it is very, very hot in here! That's something we, Caribbeans (or better said, “playenses”, as residents of Playa del Carmen are called), have gotten used to. You can be sure this is something that will affect your makeup routine in many ways. Let's just consider a few: your skin gets sweaty, your oil-based foundation may be a little more watery than usual, applying eyeshadow will not be as easy as it is back home, and lipsticks can change its consitency.
This is why calling an expert in Riviera Maya is so important. Imagine, it's your wedding, birthday, or that honey honeymooners photo-shoot you've dreamed so much about...would you risk the outcome by learning how to do your own makeup in heating (OK, let's say it, stressing) conditions? We believe experiences like the one you will have in a destination wedding or trash the dress photo-shoot, can not be mixed with nervousness or fear of having your mascara melting in the middle of the event.

That's why if you come to visit, or live in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun, or anywhere in Riviera Maya, Mexico, you must call us! We know all the secrets to make you shine like a movie star on that day you dreamed so much about. Working with the highest quality products in the market, we guarantee only magazine-like results. Make your appointment today!

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