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My Style:

Real smiles. Real emotions. Real laughter. Real life.

At every single wedding and engagement session I photograph, I strive to capture more than just how you look. My goal is to tell a story ... the story of your life. Who you are today, right now, in this moment. I have a fresh, modern and unique style that'll make you feel even more amazing. Wedding portraiture has come a long way in the last few years and there’s nobody more excited about it than me! Whether you’re just saying the two most memorable words of your life...{I do} or starting your family. I'm here to help capture the moments you’ll be looking back on for a lifetime.

So relax, be yourselves and let’s have a blast!

Customer reviews (1)

HORRIBLE. Sarah charges a professional rate for amateur quality. She shot my wedding back in May, and I've been devastated ever since. I don't have a nice picture of my father and me, I have 1 with my mother, my parents didn't get a single picture together, multiple family members that I asked to have pictures taken of were blown off, but hey, we have 13 pictures of our dessert table that include close ups of OREOS. The pictures of my husband and I are horrible... we are in a single pose for all of them, my back is to the camera, and his face is buried in my neck. The ONLY picture I have of my husband and I from our wedding that is worth framing, is the posed picture of us at the end of the aisle. I haven't been able to bring myself to look at my photos anymore because of how heartbroken I am over what I received from this "professional". When I confronted her about all that was lacking, she immediately defended herself by blaming the rain we had (even though there were plenty of breaks with sun), the number of guests, and the other wedding that was going on in the country club with us. She never apologized once for my dissatisfaction. Sarah and Lindsey ruined our wedding. Our memories are tainted with heartbreak. STAY FAR AWAY.

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