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I realized while ago that if not for a wedding planner & photographer, I would have probably been a footballer or farmer or a Banker. I believe human emotions are what drive the world, and that no Wedding is as powerful as the one with raw feelings in it.

It stands testimony to times gone by. A part of your soul is stared in certain photos forever, and I love to preserve it. Apart from Photography & Planning Weddings, I love dogs, reading, and smell of wet soil during rains, new stationery, staring at the sea and Sans Serif Fonts, Not in that order. And FOOD!!!! I love food!! Studied to be a Bio-technologist but currently working as A Wedding Photographer happily for 3.5 years and covered 35-40 weddings.

if you like my work and wish to work with me, do write to me at

[email protected]

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