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Shelby Dillon was born and raised in the low wetlands of South Carolina and spent her formative years in the blue bayou and jazz filled streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans. Life and love took her to the heartland of Houston, Texas, where she worked in sales for a creative arts firm. Here she realized, despite naysayers and would be cynics, that you actually can make a living doing something you love.

In 2009, she relocated with her husband to Singapore, the tropical center of the orient and shipping hub of Southeast Asia. After expanding their family to include a fiesty, free-spirited little girl, they made another intercontinental move - this time to the shores of Brazil. Shelby’s entrepreneurial spirit and financial skill set has enabled her to identify an unmet market need, resulting in a successful business driven by her passion for the arts.

Shelby's art is inspired by bold color, simple beauty and a strong desire to spread joy to others. Her true passion in life, becoming an artist, was recently discovered during her many travel adventures exploring the unassuming, vital aspects of the world we live in. The subject of her work is influenced by her southern hospitality and curiosity for diversity; her brushes share the story of contrast between the two.

Shelby was raised in the low wetlands of South Carolina, spent formative years in the jazz filled streets of New Orleans, and started a family while living in Southeast Asia. She, her husband, and young daughter currently work and play in Brazil.

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