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We’re you!
(Registries, they’re just like us!)

No seriously, we’ve been there. Literally, right there, where you’re sitting, right now, trying to decide what to register for to make your house a home. Which investment items are going to reflect your modern lifestyle as a couple, the way you actually live and entertain friends and family at home? Which gifts are you still going to want (and actually use) in 10, 15, 25 years?

When ThirstyNest founder Jacki Strum got engaged last year, she was already living with her fiancé and they quickly realized that they wanted completely different things than what most wedding registries were set up to offer. They weren’t starting from scratch, filling a new home with every last necessity. They were looking to “level up” their ability to seamlessly and stylishly host at home, and to make new memories as a couple by entertaining and throwing intimate, unfussy gatherings for friends and family.

Why ThirstyNest? Simple: Your registry should allow friends and family to #giftbetter by actually reflecting who you are, and how you host, as a modern couple - not boxes upon boxes of some antiquated fine china service that you still won’t have opened by your 5th wedding anniversary! (Who wants to move those boxes several times, up and down a 3rd floor walkup, anyway?)

Thanks to over a decade of experience in the wine & spirits industry, Jacki knew that creating a complete home bar was the best way to make those new memories happen — and ThirstyNest is the registry she wishes she’d had when she got engaged.

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Meet a Wedding Vendor in New York, NY: ThirstyNest
Meet a Wedding Vendor in New York, NY: ThirstyNest

I actually grew up in the wine industry so I’ve known the right glassware to use since I was ten years old. That lead to me falling in love with the wine world and inevitably working in it for many years to come. I eventually received my advanced degree from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust and spent over a decade working in various facets over the years.