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Wanderable is a new and unique honeymoon registry that allows engaged couples to register for experiences, over things. Wanderable has over 2,000 unique and curated experiences around the world, from scuba diving in Maui, to drinking champagne on the top of the Eiffel Tower, to elephant rides in Thailand. With choices like these, you’re bound to find something you both love. Travel for adventure, live for love!

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Horrible experience with this company. Be careful using them for your wedding.

First, they provide ZERO ability for you to give a gift to someone as a surprise. Example: You purchase a gift from this site, and also pay $6.00 to have a physical CARD sent to the customer (announcing the gift), yet the company will email the recipient IMMEDIATELY upon purchase of the gift and ANNOUNCE you just purchased a gift. They give you ZERO option to give the gift as a SURPRISE to the bride and groom. Why pay for a physical card when the gift will not be a surprise? I don't want a gift I am purchasing for someone to be ANNOUNCED to the recipient in advance of their receipt. That defeats the point of the surprise, especially if I'd like them to receive the gift the "old fashioned" way and receive it via regular mail!!! This company provides NO option for the element of surprise in giving/receiving the gift.

Then, when I pointed this out to Customer Service and the Management team / Founders of the company via LinkedIn, trying to basically make a constructive criticism about the service, and how they could improve, WHAT DID THEY DO???? I got ZERO response from the founders, but instead, received an email from Customer Service, telling me that the founder, Jenny Chen, received my email (to which I received ZERO reply), and they were CANCELLING and refunding my order!!!

I was honestly beyond shocked.....Ok, Wanderable, so I send you an idea as to how you can IMPROVE and you CANCEL my order......and you CANCEL it, when I NEVER requested a cancellation, and AFTER you notified the Bride and Groom that I purchased the gift!?! Seriously??? So basically NOW I have to go back to the bride/groom and explain this whole mess?


We loved using Wanderable. It was such a cool alternative to the typical registry where you just register for stuff. My (now) husband and I have been living together for 4 years, so we had all the pots and pans we needed-- what we really wanted was experiences we could treasure for a lifetime. If you want to travel, design your own registry (the layouts are so cool-- that was a big factor for me, as i'm really into design) then this is the registry for you.

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