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My story...
I'm 31 years old and all my friends and people around are getting married one after the other.
I start thinking it would be very difficult for me to find a dress for my ipotetic wedding, I would never wear one of this big meringues that everybody choose in the end.
I realize that I'm not the only one, there are a lot of girls looking for something different and not finding anything in the ateliers.
And the prices! The price for a wedding dress in atelier is so high!
I'm dreaming of a new project for a long time and I know it will be in fashion.
I've grown up with with grandma Rina,dressmaker, with mom Elena, who paints and embroders and dad Nico mechanical expert always working on new solutions.
Wprking as a designer for a textile factory for a long time I know all the best prodecers of fabrics in the Como district and I'm used to menage projects and production, I take part to all the best international fair trade and I watch all the runways.
Then I meet Gabriella, a professional dressmaker who worked for Emilio Pucci, Marni, Faber and now at home growing up her children. She has professional sewing machines and she's looking for a new project too.
I propose her to make a new, unconventional bridal collection with me, for girls who never dreamed of walking down the aisle with a long train.

It's born WANNABE,
the dress you really want and that everybody will love,
the dress for a clever bride with a good taste, who wants to be WHITE but WITH A TWIST.

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