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We are a team of Knoxville TN wedding photographers who believes in a love that celebrates 60th anniversaries. We believe in a love where two people walk side by side on this journey called life holding hands; a love that will stand the test of time and a love where value is placed upon family.

We believe in a love where pajamas can be worn all day without any judgment, where bedhead is sexy and where tickle fights are acceptable at any age. A love where road trips to nowhere are welcomed and singing and air guitars in the car are always the highlight of the trip.

A love that is just as content over a cup of coffee as it is over an elegant dinner. We believe in a love that is simple, a love where laughing until you cry is remembered over the hard times, and a love that is valued enough to be documented with photographs designed for generations to come….ya that’s the kind of love everyone deserves to find.

If you are searching for a team of wedding photographers in Knoxville TN or a team of wedding photographs that are will to travel to you location to document your love story you should contact us. We want to document your wedding in a simple, but beautiful way so you will have timeless wedding to share with generations to come. If this sounds like what you have been searching for then in a wedding photographer then contact Knoxville TN wedding photographers Your Reflections Photography to get more information.

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Colorful Rustic Wedding In the Mountains of Tennessee
Colorful Rustic Wedding In the Mountains of Tennessee

Tonya Damron of Your Reflections says " Whitley and Nic’s wedding was so relaxed. It was perfect for this laid back couple. I think the guests really enjoyed this wedding, the fall weather and the beautiful views Twin Cedar Farm has to offer. "