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Zola is a wedding registry for the modern couple. Effortless, beautiful, and easy to use, Zola gives you and your fiancé the endless options you deserve, all in one place.

Engaged couples can now create a fully customizable, beautiful registry with photos and descriptions that tell their story. They can also register for merchandise, experiences, cash and honeymoon funds all with single checkout. Zola offers unique features for guests, such as Group Gifting, where multiple friends can contribute to a gift, and Send It Later, which allows couples to decide when they want their gift items shipped. Finally, Zola does not charge additional fees on cash funds and allows couples a 10% discount on unlimited purchases to close out their Zola registry and order any other items they might love for up to six months after their wedding day!

Discover a better way to register with Zola.

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Top Tips For Making A Unique & Useful Wedding Registry
Top Tips For Making A Unique & Useful Wedding Registry

When newly-engaged couples think of registering for gifts, images of mindlessly skipping through the aisles of their favorite stores with the power of a barcode scanner in their hands likely run through their heads. But that’s really not what a registry is or should be about.

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