April Maura Photography

Photo Credit: Stacey Lynn Photography

Today’s wonderful guest post comes to us from wedding fashion insider Araceli Vizcaino-Sof Azazie, based in Mountain View, CA! Enjoy:

With the New Year, comes the opportunity to usher in some of prettiest of looks for 2016. With the bi-annual bridal fashion shows expanding our minds of what a “white dress” can be (sometimes, not white!), bridesmaid dress trends have loyally followed suit, adding their own flair down the aisle. Here’s the lowdown on old and new trends here to stay:

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Floral Centerpiece - Don Mears Photography

Photo Credit: Robert Radifera Photography

Today’s fun guest post comes to us from Audrey Isaac of 100 Candles, based in Los Angeles, California! Enjoy:

When it comes to wedding lighting, candles are a long-standing favorite for providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere as the happy couple celebrate their newly exchanged vows. If romance is what you seek, read on for some creative ways to incorporate candles into your big day!

Faux Fireplace

If your venue happens to have a fireplace, you’re in luck! Ditch the logs and fill the fireplace with candles of varying heights for a beautifully dynamic look.

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Meet a Wedding Planner in Atlanta, GA: Porche Weddings & Special Events (6)

Today’s wedding planner interview is with Keeyawna Porche of Porche Weddings & Special Events, based in Atlanta, Georgia! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I am originally from The Bay Area, California girl. However, I moved to Atlanta in 2000 when I transferred colleges. It was a big change, but I embraced it easily, as I had many friends already relocated here. I love all aspects of wedding planning… each time I see a bride walk down the aisle, I get goosebumps and emotions overwhelm me, as if it were my very own wedding. My company, Porche Weddings was originally named Lesoiree Events, but changed after I married and secretly fell in love with my own name :). Although I have been planning and decorating since high school; In 2008, we officially became a business. Currently with a 5 member staff, 2 planners, 3 hostesses and 1 photographer.. We continue to grow and become well known
throughout Atlanta.

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Timelessly Elegant Chapel Wedding in Raleigh, North Carolina (6)

Timelessly Elegant Chapel Wedding in Raleigh, North Carolina (10)

This utterly charming and heartwarming wedding comes to us from Gabrielle Rivera of Gabrielle Elyse Photography, based in Raleigh, NC! Here’s Gabrielle to tell us more:

Claire and Kursad’s wedding was timeless and classic. Every detail of the wedding was absolutely perfect and there was such a large sense of family and friends on their special day. Claire’s daughter, Laura, walked her down the aisle and stood by her as her Maid of Honor. Capturing photos of the (now) family of three was very important to them as well as being able to be themselves during this very important day. Both the ceremony and reception took place in downtown Raleigh at All Saints Chapel and it was the perfect venue for this truly perfect wedding!

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5 Tips for Creating an Amazing Engagement Video (6)

Today’s awesome guest post comes to us from Laurel Shane, social media manager at VideoTov. Enjoy!

Many years from now, when you’re looking back on everything that’s happened in your life, one of the moments that will stand out the most is when he proposed. This used to be nothing but a fond memory for married women, but now you capture the moment on video and watch it again and again. You don’t need any fancy equipment or an expensive videographer: just a good plan, some willing friends, and a talented video editor.

All it takes to create a beautiful engagement movie is the right combination of footage, photos, and favorite songs. Just use the following tricks, and your engagement video will turn out perfect—just like the moment he dropped to his knee.

If you know someone who’s planning a proposal, make sure he reads this first:

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Vintage Themed Rainy Day Wedding (9)

Southern Vintage Themed Rainy Day Wedding (11)

This lovely real wedding, brought to us by Brandy Angel Photography, is proof that every cloud has a silver lining! Here’s Brandy to tell us more:

Chris Pharr, a 25 year old diesel mechanic and cattle farmer, and Kaitlin Pharr, a 25 year old staff accountant, were friends through high school. During freshmen year of college Chris asked Kaitlin on their first date. It was on that date that Chris and Kaitlin realized how completely different they were, but that only made them fall for each other even faster. Kaitlin and Chris dated for five years before Chris popped the question. It was an intimate and spontaneous proposal, where Chris asked Kaitlin to marry him on his family farm at dusk.

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View More: http://kelleyraye.pass.us/dondreaowensbranding

Photo Credit: Kelley Raye Photography

Today’s stationer interview is with Dondrea Owens of Jenkins Rose, based in Atlanta, GA. Enjoy!

How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

I got started with wedding invitations in 2012 when a co-worker friend asked me to design her wedding invitations. I had been making greeting cards for a while and was just getting my feet wet with true design. She trusted me to create a suite she loved, and I’ve been designing ever since. Hers is still one of my favorite suites!

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