One of my favorite parts about planning my wedding were the DIY crafts. I couldn’t get enough of them. If you’re anything like me, you’re gonna love today’s post. Paper & Dot was so sweet to share one with us today, complete with designs that you can download and print at home!

When it comes to invitation design, I am crazy about details! I don’t know about you but I don’t get much snail mail these days, except for American Express begging me to rack up some debt! When I do, I am always blown away by unexpected and personal touches. Envelope liners are a great way to add that special and surprising element to your invitation.

Paper and Dot WeddingInviteLove

Custom invitations can seem out of reach to some couples. I try to make my designs as affordable as possible by creating custom designs with optional DIY elements. Adding DIY or semi-DIY touches to a custom designed wedding suite can bring your vision to life.

An easy DIY touch with lots of personality are envelope liners. I often create and print the invitation for a couple and pass off digital files of envelope liners, belly bands and other elements with instructions.

See the full DIY and get the free downloadable patterns after the jump…

Paper and Dot WeddingInviteLove

What you will need…

  • Patterned liner
  • Envelopes {any size will work}
  • Bone folder {optional, for a clean fold}
  • X-acto knife{any craft store}
  • Double sided tape {this kind stay smooth and works great}
  • Any small ruler

How to make them…

1. Download the free patterned envelope liners here!

Paper and Dot WeddingInviteLove

2. Now to make the template for your liner: 
Mark about .25” around the envelope in pen or pencil. Mark off the adhesive at the top of the envelope. Make sure to follow the curves of the envelope.
3. Take your X-acto knife and follow the lines that you just created. This will be your template. If you are going to make several envelopes, I recommend tracing the template on thick cardstock before cutting your liners.

Paper and Dot WeddingInviteLove
4. The fun part, creating your liners! 
Place your template on the patterned paper and carefully cut or trace around the template. Now that you have the liner cut out, place a few pieces of double stick tape on the back. Slide the liner into the envelope and press down to adhere. Make sure to line up the top with the adhesive. Use the bone folder to draw a line across the fold of the envelope so that you have a crisp fold in the liner.

Paper and Dot WeddingInviteLovePaper and Dot WeddingInviteLove

I really hope that you and your guests enjoy your liners!

 Want to customize the liners for your wedding colors or theme? Contact me at Paper & Dot on WeddingInviteLove