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Most brides-to-be are faced with the question of how to find a florist they can trust, how to choose the most beautiful wedding flower bouquet, which flowers are available at that time of year etc. Before we answer all your questions, read the professional’s tips.

Start the hunt for flowers on time

The recommendation to make an appointment with the desired florist should be taken seriously so that you are not left disappointed as some florists can in fact be booked a year in advance. Due to the difficulty of making flower decoration, most of the florists arrange only one wedding per week, therefore once you have set your wedding date, booked the ceremony, chosen a location and bought your wedding dress you should devote your time to finding a florist.

How to choose a florist

A recommendation is always a good start when looking for a florist. Check with friends or family who they hired for their wedding. Magazines like Wedding, Wedding Flowers and Brides are the ideal place to create a database of information related to each wedding activity and florists are no different, because you can find their contact details, and can see their work.


Schedule a meeting

The first initial interview with the selected florists is very important. Throughout this interview you get to know each other, and it is up to you to briefly tell your wishes and fantasies about how you want your flowers to look at your wedding. The more information you give the florist the more suggestions you’ll get. If you are not familiar with the florists work, look at their creations and if you are satisfied with their work book your wedding. This is necessary as at your next appointment your florist will be prepared with a lot of proposals, sketches and ideas.

If however you have not connected with that person and you don’t feel that they fit your style and preference move on in your search because if your florist doesn’t understand you they will not be able to achieve the final result that you are after.

Visual inspiration

A great step in the preparation is collection of photos with floral decorations that you like, as well as pictures of your wedding dress, the proposed color palette that you are interested in because in this way, through conversations with the florist you include them in the process of design, color selection and the types of flowers which will make the journey to finding the perfect flower decoration easier.


Discuss finances clearly

Do not be surprised if the florist asks you about your anticipated financial budget for your wedding flowers at the first interview. This is very important information because it will be every professional endeavor to adapt to your financial capabilities and create a design that will be compatible with you and your style, and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Flowers, flowers

Many girls find it very difficult to choose something specific because there are so many wonderful combinations. What is the best for your wedding, how to choose a wedding bouquet? To help you decide, you can narrow your choices to what seems to be nice, according to your story and wedding inspiration.


Throughout the year

Think seasonally, in accordance with the season in which your wedding will be. This is because with that kind of approach you choose flowers that are typical for this time of year, such as fragrant spring flowers in spring, gorgeous roses in early summer, bright sunflowers in the hot summer, dahlias in the early fall, amaryllis divine through winter months. In addition to flowers, every season offers us different vegetation, fruits, berries, fruit, branches. With the same seasonal approach you can create a unique floral magic.





Wedding theme

It is very important to determine the theme of your wedding. The theme of the wedding is a kind of backbone around which you build the overall look of your wedding. Some girls wedding theme can be a favorite color that will wriggle through the entire wedding, or maybe the season, favorite music, details like butterfly motif jewellery. Once the bride chooses a theme, it becomes very important and inspiring for the florist and then creative proposals arise that at the wedding can look special and delight guests.


The dress

When thinking about the appearance of your wedding bouquet, keep in mind the model of your wedding dress because the bouquet and dress are in a tight connection. These are the elements that build your look, so do not be surprised if one of the first questions asked is about your desired look and preferences about the appearance of your wedding bouquet. There are various styles of wedding bouquets, and your florist will certainly give you the best recommendation for the final look of your bouquet because the image produced is in accordance with you, your preferences and the whole picture of your wedding.


Think about the atmosphere you want your guests to feel when arriving at your wedding ceremony. Modern, highly stylized with little decoration, romantic, with a hint of a past time, or perhaps in a natural style, as if the flower meadows moved in on your wedding, let it be your decision. However, do not forget the venue since it may already be decorated in a style, perhaps a particular floor color, walls and decor so it’s important to choose flowers and floral decorations that will be in keeping with the very space. Talk to your florist, listen to their suggestions, and build a story.

Something different

Some girls when choosing wedding bouquets notice that everything has already been seen, they want something new and unseen. It should not be a problem as skilled florists have the experience and knowledge of making unusual bouquets and details. If you are one of those that brides that wants to carry some special creations, choose a floral bag, a floral ball, or maybe just a luscious floral lapel that will leave your hands free, yet complement your look. Besides the selection of flowers, the details are important because they emphasize style and features.


Trends, trends

Each fashion season inspires us with new designs and color combinations. As in the fashion industry, the same goes for weddings and floral designs as they reflect fashion and trends. For the coming season, the trend is strong colors; more color combinations, a popular combination of white and green, dark shades of purple. Lavish bows are still an inseparable wedding dresses and bouquet detail. A special treat are the decorations that created a mutual complementation of flowers and fabric, as it creates a very interesting compositions that effectively define the style of your wedding.


Article written by Maya Savanovich, a wedding and a fashion blogger.  She has written for several wedding
vendors and has contributed articles to various well known wedding blogs and websites. Maya is an active member of great wedding communities on Google+ and groups on Facebook. She loves a challenge and is always on
the lookout for beautiful wedding pictures and awesome ideas.