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We are husband and wife adventure wedding photography team based out of Zion National Park, Utah.

We are lovers of adventure, travel, and Jesus. We're fun, easy-going, adaptable and completely committed to making every wedding as stress free as possible. We're passionate about creating beautiful photography and preserving every detail, emotion and story. We're also all about those dance parties, so you have one, you can bet we'll be right in the thick of it with you!

Kyle is the resident hooligan. He's crazy and rambunctious with a hint of a rebellious streak. He keeps her wild and takes care of her when things get a little scary.

Tori is the slow and steady. She's thoughtful, methodical and organized. She keeps him safe and on track when he gets a little ahead of himself or forgets to eat.

He drinks coffee, she plays music. We balance each other out, drive each other crazy, and love each other deeply. When you book us for your wedding, we are all in. We offer all day coverage packages and will work tirelessly to make your day as amazing and stress free as we possibly can. We can't wait to meet you!

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